Moneyball (2011)

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Moneyball is the story of how one man, Billy Beane, and his sidekick took a failing baseball team, the Oakland A's, to victory via economic strategy and thinking outside of the standard procedures of building a team. As a film nominated for a best picture Oscar, this film is a little dry, but still retains a formulaic sports-movie plot about a dark horse who beats the odds to go on to victory. It has a documentary feel to it in places that actually gives strength and detail to the writing. However, the film does not strike me as particularly innovative or important. Furthermore, perhaps to counterbalance the statistical aspects and to make it a more universal film, a forced cheesy side story is injected in which Beane struggles to manage his own life with his ex-wife and daughter.

The performances in this film are all solid, but Brad Pitt, though handsome, is boring. Jonah Hill as the sidekick, however, gives a charming, mildly quirky, and occasionally humorous performance that makes the film worthwhile.

As sports films go, this one isn't bad, but it's no A League of Their Own.