A Serious Man (2009)

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Another dark comic gem from the Coen Brothers. Let me start by saying that Michael Stuhlbarg was robbed. He's my Sally Hawkins of the 2009 Oscars. My condolences, Michael; you really should have been a contender. I also think this film deserves a special award for Best Ending of the Year. In typical Coen Brothers fashion, they make us spend the whole movie just waiting for the awful things to happen. But when they possibly do, it's not at all how you thought it would be. I'll say no more on that, but instead leave you with a request: please let me know why what happened at the beginning happened. Please.



A Serious Man is about a suburban Jewish man living in the 60s who has a seemingly "American dream" life, but who suddenly finds himself bombarded with increasingly difficult problems.

This film is great in its individual elements, but fails for me when they all come together. Lead Michael Stuhlbarg presents an amazingly rich and quirky performance as a nerdy physics professor which ,frankly, deserved Oscar recognition. In fact, all the performances in this film are top-notch and hilarious. Typical Cohen brothers' dry humour prevails throughout the movie. The music is beautifully haunting. The art direction, costuming, cinematography, and everything else are flawless. However, it feels like a piece of artwork that can only be fully appreciated with a detailed explanation before viewing. I recommend trying it out, but I hate to admit that I simply didn't get it.